“Walker Twitter Highlights: April 14th – May 4th”

by Scott Edward Walker on May 5th, 2014

I’m using Twitter as a form of micro-blogging to share interesting articles, posts and podcasts relating to entrepreneurship and startups, M&A and legal issues.  Below are my five most popular tweets for the past three weeks.  Cheers, Scott

Top 5 Tweets

  1. Here’s my new post: “Selling Your Company? The 5 Biggest Legal Mistakes” http://bit.ly/1nd5KDC 
  2. “How can Larry and Sergey say you should come work as their employee, when they didn’t get jobs themselves?” –@paulg http://bit.ly/1n0UiLA 
  3. Quora: “What are the traits of an entrepreneur?” Solid response via @naval: http://bit.ly/1hcrjgv  (“There is no single right answer.”)
  4. Dear Entrepreneurs: Watch out for the “good cop, bad cop” game with experienced deal guys. See #5: http://bit.ly/5Gccio 
  5. Love this old post by @jw: “Play by your own rules” (Gowalla vs. Foursquare) http://bit.ly/1jPjdxS 

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